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Diệp Phi

“Đạo khả đạo, phi thường đạo
Danh khả danh, phi thường danh”

Lê Diệp Phi – Department of Electrical Engineering – HCMIU

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Differential Equation

Differential equation is a course which supports to some fields of engineering, for example, control and automation problems, chemical reactant control, population control … Students

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Calculus 3

Calculus 3 is one of serial mathematic’s subject which continues Calculus 2 course. This course gives an extensive treatment of some of the more advanced

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Physics 2

Physics 2 is the subject which studies about Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. In general, it covers 4 chapter (14, 18, 19, 20) in Fundamentals of

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Physics 1

Physics 1 is the subject which studies about Kinematics, Laws of motion and Work-Energy used for linear motion and rotation. In general, it includes 5

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Calculus 2

Calculus 2 is a part of serial mathematic’s subjects which continues Calculus 1. In this course, we just focus on Series, Sequences, Advanced Integrals, and

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Photo taken by me – Nature

Cuộc đời này là những chuyến đi, để nắm giữ lại từng khoảnh khắc của những chuyến đi, tui chọn cách lưu giữ nó thông

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